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The ONE Tool To Rule Them All: How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals With One Piece Of Equipment

“One thing to rule them all, One thing once ye find them, One thing to lift – for all, And in thine home – hoist them!” It is a truth…

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Heroes of Fitness holiday nutrition cupcakes
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Your Holiday Nutrition Survival Guide — And Why You Should Eat The Tasty Treats!

The holidays. Winter. Flavor-tastes. Ah the long and slow decay of workout programs — or more specifically, willpower — as we travel through the darkest months. As a result of…

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5 Week Holiday Kettlebell Program Challenge for Gamers Heroes of Fitness
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The 5 Week Holiday Kettlebell Program: How To Burn Fat & Get Strong While Doing Practically Nothing, Eating Pies & Playing Games This Holiday Season

Ahhhh the holidays. You’ll never find a more festive time of fun and gluttony. Or was it a wretched hive of scum and villainy? Certainly one of the two, depending…

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“No, no, don’t get up” — How to Get a Complete Workout Without Leaving Your Chair or Couch [VIDEO inside]

Have you ever been in the middle of sitting around playing games or watching shows and suddenly thought to yourself, “hey, I am going to get up and do a…

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Heroes of Fitness Quest for the Holy Grail
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The Quest for The Perfect Game & the Philosophy of Heroes of Fitness

I’m going to wax self-indulgent for a few paragraphs (you know, George R. R. Martin style. “Tell me, George, what color was his brocade vest? The buttons, were they, by…

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