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Health and fitness for the gaming lifestyle.
You don't have to sacrifice what you love in life
to feel good and get the body you want.
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Games. Workouts. Bad Jokes.

Co-founded by two lifelong gamers & fitness professionals, husband and wife team: Timothy Spencer and Nicole Du Cane Spencer. We show how to work out while you play your favorite games. If you’re looking for help or support on your journey, join the HOF community! We’ve got your back.
(no seriously, let’s work those glutes)

Our Products and Training Services

What we do

We give away a ton of free resources on health & fitness both on our stream (answering your questions live) or on our website and email list. But for those wanting more, we offer a variety of online training services and products, including our limited one-on-one personal coaching.

*All services are temporarily closed as we upgrade them! Launching soon.


As gamers, we understand the unique problems you face when it comes to training and workout programs. You don’t have time. You don’t know where to begin or what to do. The gym can be intimidating if you’re new or it’s been awhile. And you already know your posture needs some help (I KNOW, MOM! GOSH). Well, we’ve got you covered. Our programs are designed specifically for YOU.


Who wants to give up all the delicious foods & beverages only eat boiled chicken with steamed broccoli for the rest of their life? NO ONE. Crazy diets suck and they aren’t sustainable long-term. Our nutrition program and philosophy is focused on lifestyle and making habit changes while still being able to enjoy the food you love. And also looking POWERHOT (in the words of our client Sean “Day9” Plott).

Support & Accountability

The way to guarantee you hit your goals? Have someone else holding you accountable. Someone to be there for you when struggle — pushing you through the plateaus, making sure you follow through, telling you exactly what to do — and someone to cheer you on when you succeed. Not only do you get the one-on-one support from us, you get an entire community there for you on this journey.

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From Cooking & Meal Prep streams to Just Dance Pizza Parties to our regular gameplay + workout break shows, we like to have a mix of fun and education. Plus there’s cats…

Who we are

Learn more about us and our backgrounds.


Timothy Spencer


Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor, Personal Trainer, and a former PE teacher, Special Ed instructor & Psychiatric Technician and Amateur Rugby Player & Martial Artist.


Nicole Du Cane Spencer


COO at Dragon Door Publications, Host, RKC Instructor, seen in the Kettlebell Goddess Workout, Nutrition Coach, former Actor/Dancer/Martial Artist.

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