Heroes of Fitness is proud to offer a unique approach to training and coaching.

Heroes of Fitness is a philosophy, a community, and a system for getting the results you want without having to sacrifice what you love in life (food, hobbies, relationships, gaming, booze).

  • You don’t have to eat rice cakes or boiled chicken and broccoli with salad everyday and never have bread ever again…
  • You don’t have to never have another gram of sugar (delete cookies??!!)…
  • You don’t have to spend hours every day in the gym or going for runs all the time…
  • You don’t have to be afraid of past injuries or your old mentality around exercise…
  • You don’t have to delete all of the games off of your computer and try to be a “new you”…
  • You don’t have to stop going out with friends…
  • You don’t have to cut out all alcohol…

You just have to implement the right systems until you have the right habits and then it’s no longer hard work.

All of HoF’s resources, tools, and products (both free and for purchase) are designed to be easy to follow, fun to learn, and quick to implement on your own to get the results you want. Because we want to empower you with the knowledge to make the changes in your life for years to come.

But, sometimes you just need a little bit MORE.

With our online personal coaching, it takes it one step further.

Jump-starting and accelerating your success, it takes you to a whole other level because I will be personally working with you one-on-one to meet your specific goals and holding you accountable each step of the way.

This means:

  • Each workout will be designed specifically for YOU to meet your needs and your goals. Whether you want to bulk up or lean down, you will have personalized programming designed to get you to those results. Whether you’re at home or going into a gym, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. You won’t need to think or guess, you’ll have the action plan to follow and we’ll start wherever you are currently at (ie. you don’t have to already be super fit, and if you are, we’ll have a blast with advanced techniques to take you up a notch).
  • We’ll talk food just for your needs. You will have a meal plan designed specifically to meet your goals while still fitting the needs of your lifestyle. Don’t know what to eat or how to make the right choices? We will teach you what you need to know about food, how to prepare quick and healthy meals, when to go all out (have all of the pizza, ice cream, beer) and how to make smarter choices when eating out or how to handle pressure from friends and family.
  • You will get accountability, coaching, feedback, and support from me EVERY step of the way. After our intro meeting and assessment, each month we will check-in via Skype/Google Hangout and reevaluate where you are at and make the necessary adjustments to keep you on target to hit your goals. Every week you send a check-in email to me with updates on last week’s progress. And you will have access to me personally via email so if you’re struggling or have a question, I will work with you to get through it.
  • We will work on building the right habits into your daily life. By looking at your current schedule and lifestyle, we can best optimize your plan for success. Do you have a crazy work schedule, travel all the time, or don’t know how to motivate yourself to actually workout even when there’s a weight right next your computer? This will all be part of your personalized coaching program designed just for your needs and your goals.

That said, because I am so personally involved and you’re getting a lot of my time and attention, I can only handle a limited number of personal training clients (currently only 6 spots available).

And I only want to take people who are SERIOUS about getting results and making a commitment to themselves and to HOF, otherwise you are wasting your time and mine, and then no one’s happy. And being happy and having FUN is a huge part of our philosophy and in achieving success.

That’s why we have a pretty extensive application form below for you to fill out below to help determine if we’re a good fit — on both ends.

This is also why our personal coaching, as our premium product, is not cheap.

Is it more expensive than getting a trainer at a gym to work with you every week? No, not necessarily. Most trainers can charge between $40-$120+ an hour (and that’s not even the high end). With gym memberships, trainers, weekly group classes that can all add up to quite a bit each month. But investing in yourself, and having some skin in the game, is one of the best ways to guarantee success in all areas of your life. You get what you pay for as they say.

Thus, we do have different package levels, payment options, and lengths of time for the commitment based on your initial needs.

You can view all our offerings on our Patreon page here.

#GamersGetFit 12-Week Quick Start Program
Access available of our services website

$49.00Lifetime Access, 1 time purchase

  • Exercise Video Library Instructional videos of each exercise in the workouts
  • 3 Workout Program Tracks (Fitness Strength and Fat Loss tracks Downloadable PDFs for printing
  • 3 Workout Calendars for Each Track PDF
  • Log Book Track Your Progress
  • HOF Training Guide PDF
  • Nutrition Guide PDF
Inner Circle


  • Precision Nutrition coaching program
  • Monthly checkins
  • Private Discord Server
  • Optional Workout Programs
1-On-1 Personal Coaching


  • Personalized Training Program
  • Personalized Nutrition Program Precision Nutrition coaching program access
  • Weekly Checkins Via text
  • email
  • Discord
  • Monthly Skype Calls For form checks and progress checks
  • HOF Mobile App Track your workouts and progress all in one place