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Jump start the new year with a quick 'n' easy daily fitness challenge to get you moving & feeling good.


The #1 reason people fail in their health & fitness goals (and their New Year's Resolutions) is because they quit too soon! They stop exercising regularly and go back to their old habits. This 14-Day free challenge is all about getting and staying consistent with your goal. No matter how busy you are, we'll show you fun ways to work in these quick and easy exercises into your schedule so you can start looking and feeling better as you kick off the new year.

Here's how the #GGFitChallenge works:

  • Every day, for 14 days, you'll do a short workout that takes no longer than your favorite song. Each day, the workout will be different and will slowly get harder as you get stronger.
  • Exercise options for whatever level you're starting at! Whether you're a total beginner or if you're more advanced and have access to weights, we give you options so you can feel confident and safe in what you're doing. We've even got a quick test for you to determine where to start! Most importantly: you don't need any exercise equipment or access to a gym to do the challenge. You can do these at home, right next to your computer.
  • How-to videos demonstrating each exercise option and workout.
  • Daily emails with additional tips, recommendations, mini-challenges, and motivation to keep you going. This will be your daily reminder to get your workout done. Plus we'll be sharing some of our favorite nutrition tips too!
  • Calendar to track your progress. PDF printable version and a Google Doc to track!
  • Get Support & Accountability by sharing your progress with us and the community! Use the #GGFitChallenge on Twitter, Instagram, and there will be a special channel in our Discord server dedicated entirely to the challenge!
  • Consistency is the key! This is not about being perfect, this is about doing something small to better your body each day. 

  • NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE. This is a CONSISTENCY challenge that will jump start you towards your goals. The real reason people fail in their health and fitness results is because they are not consistent with their exercise and nutrition over the long-term. They give up or quit too soon. Will your body change in 14 days? Yes. Will you drop 20lbs/get shredded abs/etc.? Probably not! If you fully do this challenge, you will likely drop a few pounds, gain strength and fitness endurance, and learn how to make exercise a fun and easy daily habit in your life.

About Heroes of Fitness

Heroes of Fitness shows you how to work out while playing a variety of games. Co-founded by two lifelong gamers & fitness professionals, husband and wife team: Tim Spencer and Nicole DuCane Spencer. From cooking streams to Just Dance to weight training or yoga in-between queue times, we provide a positive, supportive, and educational community for gamers on their health & fitness journey. As certified trainers, we personally train a variety of Twitch Streamers, have worked with the HeroesHearth Esports team, and have been featured in Men's Health Magazine and Game Informer Magazine.

Nicole & Tim, HeroesOfFitness Twitch Partners, Fitness Professionals

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The #GGFitChallenge kicks off on Monday, January 7th!

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