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We are SO pumped that you'll be joining us on this 14-day fitness consistency challenge for gamers and streamers.


  • CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND CONFIRM YOUR ENROLLMENT. If you don't see an email from, check your spam folder. Make sure to click "Confirm" otherwise you won't receive the emails with the workouts and challenge info! If your already on our list, then you will immeadiately receive the "Welcome + INFO" email <-- READ THIS!
  • JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER. Connect and share your challenge progress with others in the #ggfitchallenge channel in our Discord server. We'll be answering questions there as well if you need help! 
  • SHARE YOUR PROGRESS WITH #GGFitChallenge! Make sure to use the hashtag and tag us when sharing your progress on twitter and instagram.
  • Got questions? We'll be livestreaming on Twitch every day of the challenge, including doing some Q&A only streams. These are great opportunities to get your questioned answered in detail.

Get ready to jump start your fitness goals this year!

The #GGFitChallenge kicks off in: 


About Heroes of Fitness

Heroes of Fitness shows you how to work out while playing a variety of games. Co-founded by two lifelong gamers & fitness professionals, husband and wife team: Tim Spencer and Nicole DuCane Spencer. From cooking streams to Just Dance to weight training or yoga in-between queue times, we provide a positive, supportive, and educational community for gamers on their health & fitness journey. As certified trainers, we personally train a variety of Twitch Streamers, have worked with the HeroesHearth Esports team, and have been featured in Men's Health Magazine and Game Informer Magazine.

Nicole & Tim, HeroesOfFitness Twitch Partners, Fitness Professionals

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